The HYDRABOMB CBD Balm hype continues!

Local Dr. Claudia Christman uses Kona Skin Care CBD Balm personally and she will also be selling and endorsing our product at her office! This is what she had to say:

“I used the HYDRABOMB CBD Balm on my beat up legs and it was the only thing that did anything for the pain. It also helped clear up my skin! Would definitely recommend.”
Dr. Claudia Christman

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HYDRABOMB CBD Balm used in Dr. Office

Many people have told us they use our HYDRABOMB CBD balm in there daily routines to help deal with an array of things; including this local podiatrist here in kona!

“I use this on all my patients and it is extremely effective in relieving pain and soothing the affected area. Good Stuff!”
Dr.Mark Senft

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Joe’s Experience with HYDRABOMB CBD Balm

Bruce, I literally spent the day traveling the islands, started here in Kona and went to Kauai and then Oahu. My back was a mess and filled with pain even after my normal routine of Ibuprofen. Terri put some of your CBD Balm on my lower back where my pain is and within an hour my symptoms were relieved.

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